Megan Korthals, LPC-S

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Megan Korthals is a wife, mom to three, and a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in Longview, TX. She specializes in trauma-informed counseling for adults with histories of complex/attachment trauma and childhood emotional neglect. She is passionate about developing trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive therapists through her work as a Counselor Supervisor.In Megan’s experience, authentic self-care is often challenging, especially for individuals whose emotional needs were not consistently met growing up. She enjoys creating resources based on her work with clients that are quick, simple, and practical for everyone.

Resources on Practical Self-Care

Digital Resources, including worksheets and reflection guides, can be viewed on Etsy. Printed copies of resources available for order on Amazon.Boundaries Reflection Guide: Holiday Survival Edition - This digital download reflection guide was created to help us think through and set boundaries in the context of an upcoming event or gathering.Mental Health Minute: Bullet Check-In Worksheet - This digital download worksheet functions like a page out of a bullet journal that allows you to check-in with your emotional well-being and actually helps you "move through" an emotion as you are completing the page.Mental Health Minute: Bullet Journal Style Mood Journal – Print journal coming soon to Amazon.

LPC Supervision

Megan provides LPC Supervision for LPC Associates practicing at a variety of sites. Megan believes the supervisory relationship, based in trust, is key to both the personal and professional development of new counseling professionals. She is most passionate about developing counselors that are trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive, and trauma-trained. Megan’s goal by the end of the supervision process is that her supervisee’s have felt support and been provided with resources to be competent and confident trauma counselors.A trauma-informed counselor will have knowledge of the growing body of multi-disciplinary research, which demonstrates that traumatic experiences throughout our lifespan shape the development of our brain, mind, and body.A trauma-sensitive counselor will actively incorporate skills and practices into their interactions with others, especially when communicating. They create an atmosphere that promotes safety, trust, and empowerment for their clients.A trauma-trained counselor will have additional continuing education trainings in alternative methods that are considered promising by leading researchers for treating acute, chronic, and/or complex trauma.LPC Associates are welcome to reach out to Megan by email to request a consultation to discuss goals for Supervision.

Trauma-Informed Training
and Consultation

Megan enjoys providing a variety of trainings to organizations such as schools, medical professionals, nonprofits and churches. Some available training topics include:Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and Self-Care: This training is ideal for those in the Helping professions, such as medical professionals, social workers, pastors, etc.Brain-Informed Caregiving: This training is ideal for preschools, groups of parents, and/or nursery workers at churches, focusing on children ages 5 and under.Consultation sessions for counseling professionals needing assistance with case conceptualization also available upon request.


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